Art HouseArt House

Probably the most uniquely flavored cupcake you’ll ever come across – our Ginger Beet Cake with Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting, topped with a piece of Candied Ginger. Perfect with fruity summer drinks or spicy holiday cocktails!


Cherry ColaCherry Cola

Bet you’ve never had a cherry cola in CUPCAKE form, now have you? We created a very special cola cake,frosted with a swirl of cherry buttercream, and topped with gold sugar sprinkles.


Cinnamon Coffee CakeCinnamon Coffee Cake

Brunch is everyone’s favorite meal, right? The best way to start any meal is Coffee Cake! We make our own version, and top it with Brown Sugar buttercream and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle. Yum!


Coconut S'moresCoconut S’Mores

Need a little fluff with your coconut? We top our Coconut Cake with our Dark Chocolate Ganache, then a swirl of marshmallowy 7-minute frosting, and torch it for a toasty, chocolatey, coconutty treat!


Creme de la CremeCreme de la Creme

A staff favorite – we’d never had anything like this when we created this caramelly, rich, sweet flavor. We make our brown butter frosting just for this little gem, and use it to top our vanilla cake, and fill it with house-made dulce de leche, and drizzle the whole thing with caramel. Because we can.

Earl GreyEarl Grey

Earl Grey? The TEA? Yes. It makes the most amazing, unique cupcake, and we LOVE it! Light and lovely, this makes for the perfect addition to any little party.


Egg NogEgg Nog

Vanilla Nutmeg Cake, Rum Buttercream. It’s what makes the holidays tolerable.



You live in the Mission. Your diet basically consists of burritos for morning, noon and night. This, THIS, my friends, is your cupcake: cinnamon almond cake with cinnamon almond buttercream, topped with cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Frosty Horchata perfection.


Hot LipsHot Lips

A little spicy kick for those Red Velvet lovers! We top our award-winning Red Velvet cupcake with Red Hot buttercream – that’s right, we melt down red hots, and make frosting with them! Yum!!



Inspired by our popular cookie sandwich, we made a cupcake out of it! Oatmeal Brown Sugar Cupcake, dipped in dark chocolate ganache, and frosted with cream cheese frosting. We put a drizzle of chocolate sauce on it just for kicks.


Pancake BreakfastPancake Breakfast

Every San Franciscan’s favorite food item, BACON! We chop up premium thick-cut bacon in out maple sugar sweetened cake, and top it with maple buttercream, and (of course) more bacon! It’s the perfect brunch cupcake. (Lets be honest, we’ve had these for day-after breakfasts too. They work wonders.



This cupcake will bring you right back to being 7 years old, on the playground, munching on your crustless PB&J sandwich. Nothing says childhood like our grape cake with peanut butter frosting and purple sprinkles.


Root Beer FloatRoot Beer Float

Looking for something different, huh? Well, our Root Beer Float will have you covered. A root beer cake (yep, you read that right!), topped with a scoop of vanilla buttercream. A summer classic.


Thai TeaThai Tea

Yep, just like the delicious drink you always want to down with your Pad Thai. Thai Tea Cake, Thai Tea Buttercream, topped with a Gold Dragee (totally edible!)


Viva Las VegasViva Las Vegas

Channel your inner Elvis with the cupcake version of his favorite sandwich! Banana Bacon Cake, Peanut Butter frosting, topped with real bacon and a banana chip!